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Each project is individual and important for us. By designing a custom solution we follow a human to human approach. Also, we test all the solutions for viability before realizing projects. We support and deliver customer data after the project is completed.

Housing service by subscription with the opportunity to invest
The developer builds residential areas with developed infrastructure, business districts with office spaces, shopping and entertainment, and sports facilities, creates urban recreation areas.
Financial wellbeing as a new bank solution
The bank approached us to get a diagnosis of the situation, as it found a deterioration in economic indicators:

  • the large outflow of customers from using online services
  • alow number of transactions
  • marketing management does not pay off
  • negative reviews on digital platforms
    ECO market delivery service &
    farming community
    Since the beginning of the pandemic, like many large companies, the market management has decided to go online and announced the opening of delivery services. Demand for it was expected to be high. But after the delivery was launched, only a few people used it.
    Beauty during the pandemic – DIY beauty e-commerce app
    Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of sales has decreased. Management is looking for narrower and potentially new segments to increase sales. The global goal is to maintain a strong position in the market after the end of self-isolation.
    Brand development for an exquisite women's jewelry
    Lovi is a jewelry startup.

    The brand occupies a niche of small-scale author's jewelry in the medium-plus and high price segments. The cost of jewelry is high due to the author's design and handmade work, a combination of metals, including precious metals, and the complexity of assembling and processing jewelry.


    our values

    We understand business
    We know that every business is unique and has its characteristics. Therefore, we dive deep into the sphere of business activity and explore the issues by attracting narrow experts, which allows us to offer a high-quality solution that meets the business demand.
    We expand horizons:
    We use trend analytics, analytical reports, creative methods. We don't stand still, we are constantly developing and bringing this knowledge to the projects we work on. We use mix of methods and tools throw our projects.
    We take care of customers:
    We think and care about customers of your business. Each client is a person, who came to fulfill their task with your business. Our goal is to make it easy, simple, and convenient. We use a human-oriented approach in the development of projects.
    We maintain a reputation:
    We are fans of our business, and we make a great effort to create each solution. Customers appreciate our services, because we have high mindset and quality standards. Every new day is a reason to be proud of what has been done. We are always hungry for new achievements.
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