IXI — Customer Experience Agency

We improve business performance through a deep understanding of customers’ problems, needs and drivers.

what is customer experience

Customer experience means taking care of your customers and making a profit for your business

At a deeper level, that implies a complete order in all the processes that your customer faces. It's about creating an amazing experience that makes clients adore your brand.

when business
needs it

  • The numbers of customers decreases

  • Bad reviews in Internet
  • More competitors on market
  • Customers don't return
  • Customers pay less
  • Retention doesn't work

why customer

of customers tell up to 15 people they are unhappy with brand
of happy customers share their good experiences with 6 people
1 of 26
unhappy customers complains, the rest leave saying nothing
In 10-25
times cheaper to keep customers than get new ones
increase in retention drives profits up anywhere from 25% to 95%
more money is spent by satisfied customers

Learn about your customer problems on time!

Request a call back and find out how monthly CX recommendations can help your business metrics.

the benefit
of customer experience

We develop services at every digital and physical point of contact with brands, eliminating all weak points. As a result, the new experience leads to a 10-40 increase in profits.

How we work

The first acquaintance. We will tell you all the details of the business model, processes, and stages of cooperation. Will help you fill out a questionnaire.
Conducting in-depth research. Study scenarios, user habits, trends. Identification of patterns, bottlenecks, gaps. Discover opportunities and points of growth.
We provide businesses with a report on customer pain points, needs, and values. The report also includes opportunities and points of growth for a business.

Effective 3-hours master class how to use feedback from customers

Request a Master Class and learn how to use your current customer feedback 5x more effectively to help your business growth.

Why our company

  • We reduce risk

    ➝ 15 years of experience in e-commerce, retail, medicine, FinTech, logistics, beauty, real estate help us create projects in these and other fields

  • We save time

    ➝ Own laboratory with trained professionals;

    ➝ A manager is always in touch with a business helping it to focus on the most efficient way to move.

  • We save money

    ➝ The subscription projects aim to find out leaks and weak points;

    ➝ The products from the subscription are seven times cheaper than the cost of a standard individual project.

Our bestsellers


IXI agency helps medium-sized businesses to improve service experience and win


Business owners often don't have enough time or staff to create an innovative customer-centered service every buyer desires to get.

Subscription gives understanding of customer pains, values and gains. Every month, the business receives a list of initiatives to reduce barriers on the customer journey and to create an outstanding service.